About Us

We Are The Catapult

The Catapult Agency was founded to raise the bar in personal and brand management for public figures, talent in the media and entertainment industry, as well as businesses and corporate brands in Kenya and East Africa.

At Catapult, we manage and refine brands, communicate the brands’ unique value preposition, and craft the selling points that will create an emotional connection to current and potential consumers.

What We Do

Digital Media

Packaging – We work with our clients to develop one-of-a-kind digital content, while also exploring untapped distribution channels and new commercial opportunities.

Representation – The Catapult Agency represents all manner of talent, from content creators, to artists, writers, and storytellers. We use our expertise to raise their profiles and generate new opportunities for our clients through brand partnerships, merchandising, television opportunities and more.

Brands/Advertisers – We design original content that our clients create for influencer marketing campaigns that reach global audiences and increase awareness, digital presence, and sales conversions for their brand and advertising partners.

Brand Collaborations

We work to strengthen our clients’ brand identities to work across diverse audiences and cultures.

We build public awareness while preserving our clients’ reputations and upholding their brands’ values through:brokering licensing deals for our client that generate new revenue and equity building opportunities to compliment our client’s professional goals and our partner’s desired outcomes; tailor-making solutions for clients and brands seeking to increase awareness among their target audiences; and identifying the right distribution channels to ensure maximum impact and ROI for our partners


The Catapult Agency has created a unique and effective talent management model by introducing structure with a focus on professional development, brand building, public relations, marketing management, business development, distribution, and commercialization. This model includes identifying new business opportunities within the creative economy, negotiating contracts on our clients’ behalf, finding innovative ways to develop talent, and increasing the market size and distribution channels for the creative economy.

Social Impact

For clients looking to have a positive impact on their communities, The Catapult Agency provides consultative services to help develop, implement, and market their philanthropic initiatives. This includes:

  • CSR strategy
  • Ambassadorship strategy
  • Media outreach
  • Partnerships
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Raising The Bar In Personal And Brand Management